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TAP Face Paint Stencil Set - Butterfly Trilogy

TAP Stencils

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TAP Face Paint Trilogy Stencil Sets have three stencils that can be used to comfortably add design accents to any part of your face or arm. TAP Face Paint Stencils are easy to use with face paints, powders, glitters or temporary tattoo ink. Trilogy Stencils each have a wand stencil in the center and two wrap stencils on the sides. TAP Stencils can be easily wipe cleaned and stored and reused multiple times, if handled with gentle care.

Each stencil measures about 4.2” / 16 cm in diameter. Butterfly trilogy stencil has a wand stencil with negative space design of butterfly along with mini accents in the handle. Wrap stencils can be used to add butterfly accents to centerpiece forehead crowns or around eyes. Patterns can be extended by moving the stencil around.

Adding accents to face and body art is very easy, just hold the stencil firmly over a design or bare skin. Gently tap face paint, powder or fine glitter over the design using a small brush or sponge. Optionally, reposition the stencil slightly and apply a slightly different color and enjoy amazing 3D effects.

Here are some videos from the designer that will give you more tips on how to enjoy face painting with TAP Stencils: