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Tattoo Pro Stencils Kids Series - Fantasy

Tattoo Pro Stencils

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Tattoo Pro Kids Fantasy Stencil Kit is a special edition stencil sheet with different kid themed stencil designs such as Princess, Castle, Unicorn, Dragon, Fairy, Skull, Dragonfly and Bat. Add an element of surprise to your little one's party with these Kids Series stencils from Tattoo Pro.

Tattoo Pro Stencils by Wiser Oner, are free hand airbrush tattoo stencils specially designed for quick creation of realistic tattoos within minutes. Tattoo Pro Stencils are ideal for use by beginners as well as pros. Each Tattoo Pro Stencil kit includes a durable, 8" x 10", 7.5 ml solvent proof mylar sheet with both positive and negative stencil design shapes that can be used to create either black and grey toned tattoos or color tattoos. Tattoo Pro Stencil Sheets are available in a wide range of designs so that artists can mix and match elements within a sheet or between sheets to create beautiful designs covering a range of body areas, from small designs to those that cover full sleeves.

Tattoo Pro Stencil Kits come in a smart packaging that doubles up as a folder for stencils and accessories. Stencil Kits also come with an 8.5" x 11" pre-printed design display poster showcasing designs made using the kit.