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Tinsley Transfers Gouged 3D FX

Tinsley Transfers

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Tinsley Transfers Gouged 3D FX are high quality, easy to use prosthetics that can be used to create realistic special effects. They are self-adhesive and can be applied easily with just water without requiring any additional glue or adhesive. Package includes 2 gouges and detailed instructions.

More about using Tinsley FX Transfers:

Tinsley FX Transfers are made in the USA with FDA approved medical grade ingredients that are safe to use on skin.

Tinsley Transfers does not recommend using the transfers on sensitive skin or close to eyes. Also not recommended if your skin is allergic to adhesives of any kind. Tinsley Transfers recommends a test on inside of wrist for 30 minutes to rule out skin sensitivity issues. Not recommended for children under 14 years.