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Tinsley Transfers Ogre Big Mouth Kit

Tinsley Transfers

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Tinsley Transfers Ogre Big Mouth Kit is an innovative facial tattoo designed to go around your mouth for achieving the perfect creepy look this Halloween. Tinsley Transfers Tattoos are self-blending, easy to use, state-of-the-art prosthetics that give the most realistic effects. They are made with the same technology that is used in movie and professional makeup industry. Tinsley Transfers Tattoos can be easily applied with just water with no need for any extra glue or adhesive. Tattoo measures approximately 3.5" x 6.5".

FX Makeup is a professional grade, water based makeup to complete your look. The specially formulated Tinsley Transfers FX Makeup is transfer-resistant and smudge proof. The instant drying FX Makeup formula is highly durable and keeps you fresh all day and night. The exclusive FX makeup formula is non skin staining and is highly color concentrated. Tinsley Transfers FX Makeup might need thinning with water. Big Mouth Tattoos contain FDA approved inks in colors that are close to real tattoo inks.

Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Kit includes 1 Big Mouth Tattoo, 3 FX Makeup Tubes, makeup brush and detailed instruction. Tinsley Ogre Big Mouth Makeup Set includes FX Makeup tubes in the following shades: Sickly Yellow, Black and Dead Flesh.

Carefully cut open the package and remove tattoo sheet. Cut around the tattoo close to it, ensure not to cut into it. Snip the white box in the center of the mouth for proper placing of the tattoo on your face. Make sure that skin is clean and free of any oil, dirt, makeup or hair. Remove plastic from the tattoo to expose the sticky under part. Open your mouth and place the tattoo against it so that the open center part is in line with the open mouth. Press the tattoo down firmly on skin. After securing tattoo in place, wet the paper using a wet sponge. Peel away paper slowly. Wet your finger with water and press out any air bubbles in the tattoo. Improvise your look by applying additional makeup around the tattoo.

Wet the tattoo application with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. After 10 seconds, rub away using a cotton ball. Else remove from dry skin using pieces of transparent tape. FX Makeup can be easily removed by washing off with soap and water or with any makeup remover without any staining on skin.

Watch the video to learn about how to apply Tinsley Transfers Teeth FX :

Do not use Big Mouth tattoo near eyes or on sensitive skin. Do not use if you are allergic to adhesives. FX Makeup is recommended for ages 14 and up. FX Makeup contains some pigments not recommended for use around eyes and mouth.