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Vinyl Juggling Balls - Junior 2.25" (Set of 3)


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These Vinyl Juggling Balls have a smooth but tacky feel and are a medium juggling weight with a soft consistency. Their vinyl exterior is multi-colored (red, green, yellow, blue), like a beach ball and the colors are bright, with a "stay clean" surface. Junior juggling balls come in 2.25" size. Sold in sets of 3.

Remember, when performing, there are no mistakes while juggling; just make it part of your act. Here are some helpful lines when you drop a ball or club:
- "Gravity Check"
- "This is where my act starts picking up!"
- "Must be a defective ball"
- "Wow! Did you feel that gust of wind?"
- "Oops! Back to the drawing board."
- Throw the other two down and say, "We'll try it again when you guys can get it right!"