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Vivid Gleam Glitter Palette Refill - Blazin Unicorn

VIVID Glitter

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Vivid Glitter Gleam Palette Refills are perfect to replace empty squares in your Vivid Glitter Gleam Palette and curate your custom collection of dazzling shades. Keep your palette perpetually professional and pristine. Each pack holds two 8 gm squares, effortlessly fitting into your palette. VIVID Gleam Glitter Cream, with polyester glitter in a non-drying cream base, adds instant allure to face, hair, or body.

Gleam Glitter Creams are high quality, cosmetic-safe, large-cut polyester glitters in a waxy or balmy base, perfect for adding sparkling effects to your face and body painting with ease and speed. Gleam Glitters can be used for adding glitz to body painting in dance clubs, festivals and parties. Special formula of glitter creams is designed to withstand extreme hot or cold conditions.

Glitter Creams can be applied over dry skin or completed face paint designs without smearing them. Scoop out using a smoothie blender, disposable swab, spatula or a silicone applicator. When applying over large areas of the body, use a glitter glue or glitter gel for better adhesion.

Made in the USA, Gleam Glitter Cream is safe to use on face, body or hair. FDA does not allow use of chunky glitter near eyes or eyelids. NOT recommended for use on small children, where there is possibility that can get glitter near their eyes due to smearing.

Includes two 8 gm square glitter containers. Each container has approximately 8 gm of glitter, with exact weight varying based on the fluffiness or density of glitter particles or the base used.