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VIVID Glitter Loose Chunky Glitter Mix - Aloha

VIVID Glitter

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VIVID Glitter Loose Chunky Glitter Mix - Aloha is a mix of different sizes of glitters in sunset themed colors, that will create amazing effects in body painting. Also available as gleam glitter cream.

VIVID Glitter's Chunky Glitters are high quality, cosmetic-safe, large-cut polyester glitters perfect for adding sparkling effects to your face and body painting. Chunky Glitters can be used for adding glitz to body painting in dance clubs, festivals and parties.

Chunky Glitters can be adhered to dry skin or completed face paint designs, using a glitter glue or glitter gel. Apply glue or gel, and allow to get tacky. Dip a slightly damp smoothie blender to pick up chunky glitter and tap and press down on the tacky glue. You can also apply glitter using a disposable swabspatula or a silicone applicator. Chunky Glitter can also be mixed with a glitter gel to create a paint-on glitter gel product.

Made in the USA, Chunky Glitter is safe to use on face, body or hair. FDA does not allow use of chunky glitter near eyes or eyelids. NOT recommended for use on small children, where there is possibility that can get glitter near their eyes due to smearing.

Comes in 10 gram stackable jar. 10 gm is the jar volume, NOT glitter weight. Each jar has approximately 7.5 gm of glitter, where exact weights may vary depending on the fluffiness or density of glitter particles.