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Wolfe FX Gold Face Paint Refill - Metallic Aztec Gold 400 5 gm

Wolfe FX

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Wolfe Metallic Aztec Gold Face Paint is Wolfes Hydrocolor pearlescent face paint that gives a metallic sheen. Wolfe's Metallix are considered to be the best available on today's market.

With dense pigmentation, Wolfe Hydrocolor Face Paints provide brilliant color and opaque coverage. They are uniquely easy to apply: they go on smoothly, evenly and do not crack once dry. The difference with Wolfe FX Hydrocolor makeup is a wax base so the colors flex with movement instead of cracking, so your face paint designs stay on longer and remain beautiful. Under normal circumstances Wolfe face paint will not smear after it's been applied. Paint your kids in the morning and they will remain bright and colorful all day long. Wolfe paints are also comfortable to wear.

Wolfe face paints are for refilling any Wolfe Essential Palette. Wolfe Metallic Aztec Gold face paint palette refill comes in a 0.18 ounces (5 gm) size and fits in both the 6 and 12 color Wolfe palettes.