Beginners' Guide to Clown Wigs

The question gets asked so many times, do clowns have to wear a wig? If so, what kind should I buy?

A tramp wig example - somewhat unkept

To answer the first question the white face clown guidelines require you to cover up everything including your hair. You may choose to do so with just a bald cap or a clown wig. The Auguste clown typically will wear a wig, however, I have seen some men go without. A Hobo or tramp would be the only clown character that would get by without a wig. That being said, why wouldn’t you want a wig? It’s so much fun having a wild hairdo and there are sooooooo many fun wig options.

Where to start you ask?

Start by browsing images on the internet of various types of clowns. You’ll see that there are all kinds of available – Straight wigscurly wigsbald wigs and lots of unusual character wigs, too. Like all of your other costume pieces, make sure the wig you choose compliments your character. For example, most tramp or hobo clowns would not look proper with a brightly colored wig, they tend to wear blacks, browns or grey wigs. White face clowns tend wear wigs neatly and to coordinate their wig colors with part of their costumes, and Auguste clowns have a lot more leeway with colors and styles and can get away with most anything.

A partly trimmed clown wig

When you find the wig you like, be prepared to do some trimming to the wig, as not all heads are the same. Trim the front of the wig (bangs) to keep it away from the awesome make up job you have, especially your eyes or you may wish to have it a shorter length. A friend of mine uses the a bald Afro wig in yellow, and he has it trimmed much shorter than it comes from the manufacturer. Remember, it is a wig, trim carefully and a little at a time, wig hair does not grow back! You my wish to find a hairstylist who is experienced with wig styling to do the work, it’s worth paying someone to do it right than do yourself and ruin your wig.

Can I have more than one wig for my character?

Another great question, of course you can. Many female clowns will have more than one wig to compliment the color of their outfits. This is one of the joys of being clown, we are bright colorful and whimsical, why not have more than one wig to keep things exciting.

An Auguste clown's wig

Do I have to buy a special clown wig?

There is no rule that one must buy an actual clown wig, especially if you are a hobo or tramp. There are also many character wigs on the market that make perfect clown wigs. I myself have three different characters and none of the wigs are clown wigs, I found what I was looking for in wig shops and costume supplies and had them styled by a wig specialist to suit my needs. Whatever the case, you just want to make sure your wig suits your character and looks professional. On that note… please stay away from the rainbow Afro wig if you wish to be a professional clown. That wig is great for silly Halloween costumes or a sports event, but it does not lend itself to making a professional look for any clown.

Have fun searching for your new clown hair and make sure to read our clown guide article on wig care to make your purchase lasts a long time.

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