Video: Black Panther Design Balloon Video by Michelle Marvel

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Line Work Balloon Designs with Michelle Marvel, Chicago’s Balloon Twister on Clownantics.

Black Panther is a popular design!  Until they come out with a printed face, this design is quick and impressive.  When I do this design I'm often at a birthday party, I don't typically do this design at a public event unless it's a slow event.  I then typically do a black panther face painting to accompany this fun action hero balloon.  Even if and when they do make a printed Black Panther face, this design, when created with a Black Panther face paint will be what makes every parent at the party stop and grab your card.   

If you do decide to create a superhero at an outdoor event, I always recommend not giving the superhero abs, and then you can make the child punch their fist through the middle, where the ads are, and they can wear it like bracelet.  Parents also LOVE that, and that is another great way to get parents to grab your card.  

Today’s design 

Supplies used: 

Three 260 Black

One 260 Metallic Graphite

One 260 Chrome Silver

Qualatex Silver Marker

You can also use Sharpie.


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