Blooming Idiot or Clown Flower Balloon

The best way, in fact the only real way to develop a new balloon creation is to play around and experiment. While working a Dr. Seuss themed party, I was making all kinds of fun curly and twisty balloon creations. One balloon was a flower using the geo blossom and a 260, making the stem in the spiral like we did for the Spring Flower Balloon. While assembling one or these flowers it struck me that this balloon needed a face, so I created the Blooming Idiot, or Clown Flower balloon.

Fully inflate a 6 inch Geo (Flower) Balloon Step 1: Inflate a 6 inch geo blossom fully to get your flower shape.
Inflate a 260 for the stem leaving a 2 in tail Step 2: Inflate a 260 for the stem leaving about a 2” tail.
Pull tail of 260 through the geo Step 3: Pull the tail of the 260 through the center of your blossom balloon approximately 6” and force air to the tail.
Twist a 2 inch bubble for the nose
Step 4a: Twist a bubble at least 2’’ for the nose.
Make two 1 inch pinch twists for the eyes Step 4b: Twist two 1" pinch twists for the eyes. I find the pinch twist allows the face to lay better than regular 1” bubble.
Pull the 260 back through the blossom so the face sits flush Step 5: Pull the 260 back through the blossom so that the nose and eyes sit flush.
Make a 1 inch pinch twist on the back side of the blossom Step 6: On the other side of the blossom, make another 1” pinch twist approximately 2” inches down form the base of the blossom balloon. This will allow the face to look forward.
Do an S fold to make the petals
Do an S fold to make the petals
Step 7: Do the 'S' fold twist for the petals.
Draw a cool face Step 8: Draw a cool face on your balloon with your sharpies and you are done.

This is what I call the Blooming Idiot, enjoy!
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