Christmas Balloon Creations - Balloon Red Nosed Reindeer

There is no mistaking what season is upon us, Christmas music playing on the radio, the beautiful lights, decorations, and animated Christmas specials aplenty. So with the Christmas season upon us, let’s look at some fun holiday balloon creations.

This is a nice simple reindeer design, if you make a dog you easily can make this! I like to use brown or tan balloons 260 balloons.

Step 1. Inflate a 260 leaving about a 2” tail and tie a knot making the nose bubble as shown in the rabbit balloon article.
Step 2. Make a 2” bubble for the head.
Step 3. Make a 2 ½” bubble followed by a 4” bubble to create the antler.
Step 4. Now lock- twist these two bubbles behind the head bubble.
    Step 5. Turn the antlers so that the smaller of the two bubbles face forward.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other antler.
Step 6. Twist a 1” bubble for the neck.
Step 7. Twist two 3” bubbles and lock twist at the neck bubble to create the front legs.
Step 8. Make a 3” bubble for the body.
Step 9. Twist two more 3” bubbles for the back legs and lock twist at the body.
Step 10. The remainder should leave you with about a 2” tail.
Step 11. Draw eyes with your marker.
Step 12. You can use a red marker to color in the small nose bubble and make Rudolph.

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