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Customer Questions about Clown Juggling

Q: Hi, how easy are the spinning plates (J1130B etc.) to learn? How do I learn to juggle?
A: Just about anyone can spin a plate on the first or second try, but as with any skill, you'll need to practice. Check out our 
Basic Guide to Plate Spinning.
Posted on 8/9/2012

Q: How do I learn to juggle?
A: The first thing to master in juggling is the basic three-way pattern. Our article on Basic Juggling discusses is a good place to start. Some extra pointers are to start with lightweight Juggling Scarves or plastic shopping bags because they float slowly, letting you learn where to put your hands next. When you're ready to move on to Juggling Balls, practice facing a bed, so you don't have as far to bend over when they (inevitably) fall.
Posted on 2/5/2012

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