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Congratulations to this week's clown supplies giveaway winner, Michael Clark! Every week, we are giving away a $25 gift certificate to our store,, and this week's lucky winner has got quite the story to tell! We would like to thank Michael for taking the time to tell us his story!

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We ask our winners to tell us a little bit about themselves, and this is what Michael had to say!

Michael Clark Clown

For over 60 years that I have been roaming this earth... seen a lot... been through a lot. No matter who you are... from the first day when you are born... you are shaped into the person that you become later in life... shaped by the social environment that surrounded you, educational, values, morals/principles, political and life changing experiences which you are exposed to every day in your younger life.

I was raised on Red, White, Blue True American Values... Respect those who have worn the uniform for this country, military, police and fire. Be respectful as well to others, learn your manners and use them properly and do your best in everything you do. Fall down... get right back up! Grew up with a passion for the home team: football, baseball, basketball, auto racing, pro, college and highschool...grew up loving comedies of the old times... excitement of the circuses and fairs. 

The Biggest learning point that I have learned in these 60 years... LIFE IS NOT FAIR, LIFE IS NOT JUST... FOR LIFE IS VERY SHORT!
Over 20 years I had served in the Fire Service as a Firefighter and Paramedic and the harsh reality of it all is this: life treats nobody any different than anybody else; it can be very rude, crude, lewd and painful. Especially when kids are involved. There is a lot of cold, eerie, darkness and evil in the world today, a very fast pace... changing every second and our attention easily distracted by materialistic devices that brings the whole world to your hands in a second.

In the late 90's, my world basically went kaput in a hurry. Talk about life changing:  that was it! One of my doctors at the time suggested that I get back out there in the social community and one thing lead to another.

In 2004 I became a Shriner, a nonprofit Organization/Fraternity that has Hospitals in which treat children with trauma to birth defects and more, all for free, located in America, Canada and Mexico. 

Michael Clark Clown

The unit that I became interested in was the Clown Unit, Aladdin Shrine Clown Unit, in Columbus, Ohio. In designing a clown persona... it has to be something you can be comfortable in doing it and can relate to it somehow. Since I grew up in Canton, Ohio, home of The Pro Football Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Browns area, a football player seem like a good place to with. And 15 years later... along with my ADDHD... a very creative mental mind... constantly looking for "what can I do next or that could be idea" I'm still up setting the apple cart with my "out of the box" clown personas. Some successful and some not so successful!

But, I never back down...all of my creations come from the inside, heart and soul, trying to look from a kids perspective. One of the creations was for adults perspective, my military clown persona, P.N.C. BucketHead,  was designed to honor those who have served, something that is very dear to my heart, something going back to my younger days, when I was taught values of respecting those who wears the uniform, especially the Vietnam Veterans. I even taught my daughter whenever she sees a Veteran, to go over and shake their hands... look them in the eyes... and say "Welcome Home and Thank You For Your Service! Or Sacrifice!"

Michael Clark Clown

The young to the old... needs a bright light in the darkness that may be holding them at the moment... that is what wecClowns are supposed to provide. Our relentless buffoonery creates laughter that may heal the hurt inside of someone... give them a time of peace for their soul, away from all the things that may be bringing them down.

Just like when I was a paramedic all those years, but I'm doing it with different equipment and techniques - instead of First-Aid, now its Clown-Aid!

So has Mike "BucketHead" Clark won any awards??

Was the Clown of The Year in Shrine Clowning... Regional 2013 and Internationally 2015. Numerous top place finisher in Shrine Clown competition, makeup, skits and balloons and facepainting.

All of these don't matter at all - it's the smiles on the kids faces that makes it worth the time and effort... happiness in the people that you see make you really feel good inside... knowing you're the candle that lights the world beats all competitions and awards!

Couple friends of mine via facebook sent me a post about your contest... so why not! Done it before with you guys... a good company that I use as a resource and for purchases.

Thank You Again,
In Peace,
The Infamous, 
Mike "BucketHead" Clark


Thank you to again to Mike, who was so generous in sharing his tale with us - you truly are an inspiration to us and the clown community alike! 

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I live in Cleveland but sad to say I don’t know him.

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