Video: Magic Gypsy Face Paint Video by Leonora Gabucio


Gipsies are one of the circus ancestors a lot of people don´t know about. You might be surprised if you ask a circus performer whether they have a gypsy ancestry and they answer yes! I actually just found out while doing this tutorial that my husband ( fourth circus generation) has Romani-gypsy ancestry! How cool is that?!?

So to honour one and all circus performer´s ancestry here is your very own gipsy look! Enjoy!

Products 🎨

⚪️ Brilliant Fuchsia Paradise Face Paint

⚫️ Blue Paradise Face Paint

⚪️ White Paradise Face Paint

⚫️ Black Paradise Face Paint

⚪️  Your Favourite Glitters

⚫️ Diamond FX Gemstone Shimmer Powder


Tools 🛠  

🖌Round Brush #6  or  #8

🖌 Flat Brush #8

🖌Round Brush #4

🖌 Eyeshadow brush

🖌 Sponge 


Gypsy Face Paint by Leonora


Leonora (Vazquez) Gabucio likes to refer to herself as a circus runaway. Formerly a Waldorf school elementary teacher, she found love in a circus performer and together they decided to start a new life together on the road as a duet, defying all she thought she knew and becoming a whole new person.

Now she is a full-time circus performer, face painter, costume designer, cosplayer, and recently a mom!

She has a Youtube channel that tells her story in fun videos. As a circus performer she, along with her partner in crime, has won competitions as an international circus performing duo.

You can almost always find her training, performing, creating new cosplay or circus outfits and looks, playing with her baby and living life to the fullest!

See more of her work and interact with her here! 😃❤️🎨





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