Makeup Sponges

Makeup Sponges
Makeup sponges of all shapes and sizes provide a smooth, even application for cream make-up. High density latex sponges perfect for use with grease makeup, along with stipple sponges for beard effects and foam tip applicators for touch ups.
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Mehron Stipple Sponge (3/Pack)
Always Wicked Art Butterfly Sponge (6/pack)
Always Wicked Art Half Round Sponge (5/pack)
Always Wicked Art Mini Half Round Sponge (12/pack)
Diamond FX Face Paint Sponge (2/pack)
Ruby Red Disposable Large Foam Applicators (1/Pack)
Graftobian Foam Makeup Sponge (1/Pack)
$2.50 $2.25
Mehron Wedge Sponge (6/Pack)
Ruby Red Disposable Dual-Tipped Applicators (1/Pack)
Ruby Red Mini Sponge (50/Pack)
$13.00 $10.40
Diamond FX Face Paint Sponge (10/pack)