Professional Guide To Clown Noses

Clown noses are one of the most important aspects of a clown. It can completely make your clown persona, and this professional guide to clown noses will help you do just that! In this article, we'll look at a few important things such as how to attach a clown nose, the kind of noses, as well as some adhesive types.

How To Attach A Clown Nose

How to attach a clown nose

  1. Have the skin free of makeup and powder when applying adhesive.
  2. Apply a light coat of adhesive to clown nose and lightly put it in place on your own nose.
  3. Remove the clown nose and give it a second coat of adhesive.
  4. Following the pattern made on your own nose, apply a light coat of adhesive on your skin.
  5. Let both the clown nose and your own nose dry, and using a hair dryer can speed this up.
  6. Now apply the clown nose to your own nose taking special care to get it in the exact location.

Kinds Of Noses - Some Brand Names

Jim Howle Noses

Jim Howle Clown Nose
Jim Howle noses are distinctive. Named for America's premier clown portrait artist (and a frequent Clown Camp instructor), Jim Howle noses are made of acrylic-coated latex and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, including traditional red and hobo (flesh-tone).
Many different styles and sizes uses ProKnows adhesive



Proknows noses are built for comfort and durability. Made of foam and coated with vinyl, these are lightweight clown noses, easy to keep on, easy to remove, and never needing to be repainted. Pro nose noses are also made without latex, so they're perfect for those with allergies and skin problems. Can be used string or ProKnows adhesive.

  • Woochie Noses: Thin latex, light red with flesh on top, two sizes.
  • Goshman: Foam sponge type, least expensive, different sizes.
  • Jest Clown Noses: Uses nylon thread and elastic - no adhesive.

Some Types Of Adhesive

Pros Aide Nose Adhesive

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