Proface/ProKnows Adhesives & Removers

Proface/ProKnows Adhesives & Removers
ProKNOWS adhesives are designed to work with ProKNOWS noses and tips, helping you keep your costume accessories securely fixed for several hours. Clown Antics carries ProKNOWS Latex Adhesive, Sticky Stuff, and Super Stick, as well as ProKNOWS Dissolvent, a mild, fragrant oil created to gently loosen adhesive build-up.
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Mehron Skin Prep Pro (No Sweat)
ProKnows Latex Adhesive (1 oz)
ProKnows Adhesive Dissolvent (1 oz)
ProKnows Acrylic Adhesive (1 oz)
ProKnows Super Stick Adhesive Strips
ProKnows Super Stick Double Sided Tape
ProKnows String Kits for Clown Noses
ProFace Make-Up Remover (8 oz)