Say it with Your Props!

In theater, actors are considered props with dialogue. But when it comes completing the theme, empowering a scene, delivering emotions; nothing beats the use of props!

The same idea works in the art of clowning. Almost all clowns use props when doing their routine or even while clowning around. These props help them exaggerate their jokes, connect with their audience, and even just make themselves funnier!

That’s why we, at ClownAntics, have a dedicated section for all your prop needs! From stickers and giveaways to giant props like Giant Toothbrushes and Giant Scissors!


Are you a clown dentist? You need this for your patients!

Using props also help clowns stand out during clown parades and contests!


It even makes your clowning routine a lot livelier and more fun to watch!

Mimi the Clown doing some fun stuff on stage!

Peach E. doing some fun stuff on stage!

Props are essentials when it comes to being a fun and memorable clowns! Some clowns make their own props but some buy theirs and create their routine and performances around these props!

If you are looking for props for your next clown parade or skit, then head over to our Clown Props section and choose from wide selection of props!

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Happy Clowning!

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