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I have stated in prior posts that a small bubble machine is preferable to blowing bubbles with your mouth when hospital clowning to avoid spreading germs.  But these are not always reliable and my partners have  never let that stop them from utilizing bubbles; they are indispensable; babies are always mesmerized by them and children can't resist them.

If your partner has chosen to blow bubbles, should you just stand there and worry about germs?  Should you just join in the fun and play with them?  You can do both if you like, but as hospital clowns, we like to be creative in our entertainment.  Even the most minor gesture can be part of the show, but you need not worry about stealing your partner's thunder while doing it.  Simply "steal" a bubble!

1. Purchase a clear acrylic marble.  (I'm not sure where because this one was given to me by one of my magician clown colleagues.)

2. Hide it between the palm and thumb of your dominant hand so it looks like your hands are free.

3. While your partner blows bubbles, say that you want to put one in your pocket and "grab" a real one.

4. Act like grabbing one is perfectly possible.  Roll the marble up to your index finger with your thumb and make sure the spectators see it.

5. Once they see it, put it in your pocket and encourage the children to take some and put them away to play with later.


Lucy E. Nunez has been a theatrical performer since 2002 and an improv performer since 2003. She created Nurse Lulu for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care program in 2014. She is now Baptist Children's Hospital first-ever resident clown! For more information please visit:

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Ha! I think a magic trick site might do; or a juggling site that has acrylic contact balls.

Nurse Lulu

Nurse LuLu. Now I need to get a marble.

Meredith Gordon

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