April Fools Prank Supplies

April Fools Prank Supplies
Good April Fools' pranks are hard to find. That's why Clown Antics stocks a wide variety of harmless gags, tricks, and practical jokes. You'll find classic pranks like the squirting flower, snake in a can, and the whoopie cushionbut make sure to check out new ones as well, including squirting ketchup and the Yodeling Pickle. April Fools' Day is more fun with pranks from Clown Antics!
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Surprising Arm Gag
Snake in Quintet Box
Fake Hypo Syringe Gag
Bang Gun
Bang Gun N1017
Bang Gun - Stage Size
Whoopie Cushions
Squirting Rose Gag
$2.50 $2.00
Squirt Ketchup Gag
Squirt Mustard Gag
$2.50 $2.00
Pop Up Tie Gimmick
Snakes in a Chip Can Gag
Extending Fork Gag
Magic Light Bulb Tricks
Plastic Egg Prop
Bow Tie, Jumbo - Squirting
Surprising Foot Gag
$10.75 $8.60
Yodeling Pickle Prop
Mental Floss Gag
Big Momma's Undies Gag
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