Ben Nye Sealers, Powders & Adhesives

Ben Nye Sealers, Powders & Adhesives
Ben Nye offers high quality sealers and setting powders for all kinds of makeup. Ben Nye setting powders will set your grease makeup and keeps it sweat-resistant and intact. Ben Nye Sealers ensure that your makeup lasts for a long time especially important for long performances.
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Ben Nye Glitter Glue AGB (1 oz)
Ben Nye Final Seal Spray
Ben Nye Clear Latex Adhesive LR-1 (1 oz)
Ben Nye Liquiset LQ-1 (1 oz)
Ben Nye LiquiSet LQ-4 (4 oz refill)
Ben Nye LiquiSet Spray
Ben Nye Prosthetic Adhesive AD-1 (1 oz)
Ben Nye Glycerin GL-2 (2 oz)
Ben Nye Bond Off! Prosthetic Adhesive Remover BR-1 (2 oz)
Ben Nye Glycerin GL-8 (8 oz)
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