Clown Magic Coloring Books

Clown Magic Coloring Books
The magic coloring book trick is fun to perform and astounds the audience. Show your audience a coloring book with all blank pages. With the help of a magic wand, black-and-white outlines appear! Do a little more magic, asking your audience for their favorite colors and "pulling" the colors out of the air and into the book; then reveal the coloring book with colored-in pictures! Pair the magic coloring book with the Break Away Wand routine, or pull a foam Pencil and Crayon from a Krinkles Chip Can to develop a full routine around this one item. You can also add the blank Magic Coloring Book to show to your audience before or after performing the Magic Coloring Book trick.
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Magic Coloring Book - Royal Magic
Magic Coloring Book (Dummy/Blank)
Bible Stores Magic Coloring Book - Royal Magic
Holy Bible Magic Coloring Book
Pocket-Sized Magic Coloring Book
Magic Clown Coloring Book - Royal Magic
Clown Magic Coloring Book (Dummy)
Holy Bible Magic Colouring Book
Sketch-O-Magic Magic Trick
Coloring Book of Magic Kit