Clown Ministry Books

Clown Ministry Books
Clown ministry skits help communicate the joy of the Christian life. Whether you perform gospel skits in front of youth groups, kids' ministries, or Sunday morning congregations, Christian clown skits get across the gospel message in a way that your congregation will never forget. We also have books that help give you ideas for puppet ministry skits, balloon Bible stories, and even solo Christian slown skits, for the clown performing alone. If you want to serve God through clowning, our clown ministry books are a great place to start. Also see our Clown Ministry Supply section.
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Holy Bible Magic Coloring Book
Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines #1
$5.40 $4.32
Dewey's Gospel Cartoon Chalk Talks
$7.20 $4.80
Dewey's Gospel Clown Skits #1
Creating Clown Stuff For Ministry - Tucker
$10.00 $8.00
Hare Brain Ideas Book - Hamilton
$15.00 $13.50
Clown Ministry Handbook - Litherland
$17.60 $14.08