Kryvaline Single Colors & Palettes

Kryvaline Single Colors & Palettes
Kryvaline regular line face paints are hightly pigmented, quality face paint perfect for face and body art. Kryvaline Regular paint easily blends in and gives a lot of coverage with less amount of the product. Manufactured in same facilities as TAG, Wolfe, Diamond FX and Camelon, Kryvaline is comparable to these brands for brightness, coverage and consistency. Regular line is intensely pigmented and is ideal for line work or details.

Regular Line Single Colors are available in 30 gm or 10 gm sizes in Essential, Metallic and Neon Colors. Kryvaline offers 9 Color or 12 Color Palettes in Essential colors or combination of popular Metallic and Neon colors.

Kryvaline Creamy Line Paints are specially formulated, wax based, creamy makeup that blends in extra smoothly on skin than regular paints. They are rich in color and come off easily without leaving stains. Creamy Line is available in essential, pearl or fluorescent colors in 30 gm size. Creamy line is made with high quality pigments approved by EU and FDA. Creamy paints are very creamy, ideal for blending.
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