Mehron Paradise Palettes

Mehron Paradise Palettes
There are lots of face painting palettes on the market at the moment, but Paradise palettes really come in above the rest. They're sturdy, portable and are available in a selection of ranges and prices to suit all types of face painting artist - whether you're a professional who's looking for a lot of top-quality paint or an enthusiastic beginner who's just looking to try out some basic techniques. What's more, since Paradise palettes are made with natural ingredients such as avocado oil and cocoa butter, you can be sure that their rich, vibrant colors are totally safe to use!
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Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palettes (30 Colors)
Mehron Paradise Brilliant Metallic Palettes (8 Colors)
Mehron Paradise Pro Palette AQ Pro A (12 Colors)
Mehron Paradise AQ Prisma BlendSet Palette (8 Colors)
Mehron Paradise AQ 8 Color Palette - EMPTY
Paradise Prisma Empty Palette Tray
Paradise Palettes - Nuance (8 Colors) 808-N