Mehron Setting Powder & Barrier Spray

Mehron Setting Powder & Barrier Spray
Mehron's UltraFine Setting Powder is an innovative face powder providing ease of application but durable results for a face that stays put through perspiration, hot lights and hours of entertaining. For sensitive skin, try Mehron's Barrier Spray first, a clear liquid that not only sets makeup and but protects delicate skin from makeup, latex and adhesives. Mehron, the choice for professional clowns.
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Mehron Ultrafine Setting Powder Neutral/Translucent (1 oz)
Mehron Skin Prep Pro (No Sweat)
Mehron Barrier Spray (2 oz pump)
Mehron Ultrafine Setting Powder - Ultra White (1 oz)
Mehron Barrier Spray (9 oz refill)