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Cameleon/Global/TAG/Diamond(32g) /PXP/Kryv(30g)/Snaz(18ml) Insert

TAG Body Art

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Product Id: F50420I
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Looking for a replacement insert for your Cameleon, Global, Tag, Diamond, PartyXplosion, Kryvaline or Snazaroo 12 Color Palette? This insert with 12 holes is designed to fit 12 colors palettes for Cameleon / Global / TAG (regular or build your own) / Diamond (32 gm) or PartyXplosion / Kryvaline (30 gm) or Snazaroo (18 ml). Please note that this is insert only. You can buy empty case only (no insert) here in your choice of color. You can buy case with insert for different brands here.