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Customer Questions about Clown Makeup

Q: If I paint my whole face white with the ProFace makeup will it dry enough for me to put other colors directly over top of it?
A: The ProFace White is a grease based paint, which does not dry but needs to be set with makeup setting powder. You can draw over it with grease make up pencils in small areas, but for larger areas of color, it is best to leave the skin bare where the colors will go. See our guide to Clown Makeup application for more details.
Posted on 10/17/2012

Q: What's the difference between the ProFace No Sweat and the Barrier Cream?
A: The ProFace No Sweat is an anti-perspirant that you put on your face before you put on your make-up, it helps keep sweat from coming through your make-up. The ProFace Barrier Cream protects sensitive skin from staining by makeup pigments, latex and other adhesives, but it also works somewhat to protect the makeup from sweat. If you want something to help with smudging, using makeup setting powders over grease make up is essential.
Posted on 10/12/2012

Q: Do your false eyelashes come with glue?
A: No, they don't, but we well two glues that work well with eyelashes: Ardell Lash Adhesive (item K1425) and Jim Howle "That" Restickable Adhesive (item K14253).
Posted on 10/8/2012

Q: I am looking for some good makeup for Halloween. I have shaved my head and am going as the devil - so I would like a red makeup that will not crack.
A: It depends on if you want to use grease based make up or face paint, which is water based. Grease make up will not crack at all, but it is usually used by professionals and requires that you use a setting powder once you have put it on. It is easy to apply however, but will need a remover to take it off at the end of the night.

If this seems too laborious, a lot of people use face paint for costumes. There are a couple of brands that are known for not cracking when dry: TAG, Wolfe and Kryolan. TAG and Wolfe have little bit of wax in them so that they "bend" and Kryolan has a little glycerin in it.

Posted on 9/18/2012

Q: I need a metallic silver so that I can do an Ace Frehley (lead guitarist of the rock band Kiss) face.
A: The Mehron Grease Color Cup - Silver (0.5 oz) are a good one. It is a grease based paint, so it's important to use with other grease based paint and then use a setting powder to set it when you are done.

There are also some Silver Face Paints that you can use. Face paint is water based and is easily removed with soap and water. It is less resistant to sweat however. The metallic silver face paints that would work are Mehron Paradise Face Paints - Metallic Silver Bullet, Kryolan Aquacolor Face Paint Refills - Metallic Silver and Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid - Metallic Silver.

Posted on 9/17/2012

Q: Does the Mehron Blue Guy kit dry? I was told that what the group uses on stage doesn't actually dry.
A: The paint in the Blue Guy Kit is grease based paint. It doesn't dry completely like face paint (which is water based), however you use setting powder to keep it in place to keep it from smearing. It's stage make up, so it makes sense that you heard the the Blue Man Group uses it.
Posted on 9/14/2012

Q: I have a white Mehron makeup pencil, and it's difficult to sharpen due to the outer covering. What can I do to sharpen it? What about Ben Nye pencils?
A: Mehron ProPencils have a plastic coating, which means you really need to use the Mehron ProPencil Sharpener, or another high grade makeup pencil sharpener. The Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Pencils are only painted.
Posted on 5/30/2012

Q: Can Jim Howle's Restickable Adhesive be used to attached eyelashes?
A: Jim says his "That" Restickable Adhesive can be used to attach eyelashes, in fact it's works really well for them!
Posted on 4/12/2012

Q: Which products work best to complete a Gene Simmons (KISS) look. We were looking at the Ben Nye Products, Clown White (CW-3), but are not sure which black make-up to use.
A: First decide how long the makeup has to last, and how durable it needs to be. For trick or treaters needing to wear the makeup for a couple hours on a cool evening, water based face paints should be fine (try Snazaroo or Paradise). If you will be wearing it for several hours or sweating, you'll have better results using grease makeup that has been set with powder. Originally, the KISS used Stein's grease makeup which is no longer available, but any brand will work, including Ben Nye, Mehron or Kryolan.

Regardless of the type of makeup you choose, you'll need black, white a couple makeup sponges and a makeup brush (grease paint will also require setting powder and an oil-based makeup remover). I recommend using stencils (create these out of velum or thin vinyl from a craft store) to get the shape clean and symmetrical.

Posted on 3/31/2012

Q: I am looking for a large sponge head eyeshadow applicator to replace one I have that is about pencil length and has a head the size of a nickel. Can the ones you sell be used more than once? How big are the handles and actual applicators?
A: We have several Sponge Applicators that might work for you, ranging from 1/3 inch head up to 3/4 inch. You can use these several times. Just click on a product for details.
Posted on 3/11/2012

Q: Do you have anything to use to blacken teeth?
A: Yes, we carry tooth black (and other colors) on our sister site
Posted on 3/5/2012

Q: My sister is getting married in May and wants the entire wedding party to have our faces painted like Day of the Dead sugar skulls, but wants makeup that is as close to foundation and powder as possible. What would be the best makeup to purchase?
A: Thank you for contacting us. Water based face paint is the best paint to use for Day of the Dead and for a large group of people (clown make-up is greased based). If you go to our sister website:, we have a Day of the Dead tutorial and kit. It might help you figure out how to paint all of your guests and what you need to accomplish it. It shows step-by-step directions and which paints and brushes you need.
Posted on 1/4/2012

Q: Do you carry the Mehron cream blend stick in Warm Honey?
A: I'm sorry, but we don't stock that item regularly. We may be able to special order it, please feel free to contact us for more info.
Posted on 11/26/2011

Q: Hello, I am currently doing makeup for a Dia de Los Muertos dance piece. I am using cream based products along with Makeup Forever flash pallets for the eyes. Since they are dancing and have some lifts, what would you recommend as a sealer? Will the sealer block sweat, too? 
A: You can use a seal spray on top of setting powder, which will help protect the make-up from sweat and hot lights. There is also an anti-perspirant product called No Sweat Skin Prep that can be used before makeup. We have a great selection of seals, sprays and powders at
Posted on 11/7/2011

Q: Hello do you sell scar wax/morticians wax?
A: Yes, we do on our sister website,  We have molding wax, scaring liquid, wax sealer and other special effect products
Posted on 11/5/2011

Q: I have the red grease pencil and its quite large. So large in fact that I cannot find a sharpener big enough. Do you have them?
A: Yes, we do. Both the Mehron Pro Pencil Dual Sharpener and the Ben Nye Pencil & Crayon Dual Hole Sharpener accommodate both sizes of pencils and crayons that they manufacture.
Posted on 9/22/2011

Q: What is the difference between these two: ProFace Grease Makeup - Clown White and ProFace Gala Grease Makeup - Gala White?
A: The original ProFace Clown White is a high quality makeup that goes on easily. It was developed to hold up in different climates and can last up to 12 hours when properly applied.

ProFace Gala White is a much creamier makeup that fills in the "nooks and crannies" of textured or older skin, giving a smoother appearance and helping to prevent cracking around the mouth and eyes. Gala White was developed when Apple White makeup became unavailable, and ProFace later added Gala Black & Red.

Posted on 11/4/2011

Q: Hello! I am looking for a Jumbo blue make up stick and cannot find one. Do you carry one?
A: Try the Mehron CreamBlend Stick in blue, it's a nice creamy makeup in a handy swivel applicator.
Posted on 11/4/2011
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