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Q: How do I get started in Clown Ministry?
A: Look into working with the Sunday School or Children's Church program at your own church, or a local vacation bible school or even a community organization such as the Salvation Army. You may also be able to work with local hospitals, or nursing homes. Reach out to the organization to see if they already have a program in place, and determine who you need to speak to about developing one. You'll need to be mindful of any rules that are in place in the organization - for example, hospitals often have a "no latex" rule banning balloons due to patients with latex allergies.

To start a new clown group in your church, get your interested people to take a clown class, first of all. There's much more to being a good clown than slapping some garish makeup on and honking your nose! Looking good and behaving properly are just as important as the message you choose to convey.

To get started, Clown Antics carries many Clown Ministry Books and other Christian clowning supplies to aid you in developing your routines and teachings. Buy or borrow a book, attend a clown class or convention and build on the skills you learn there. There's a lot to do to start your own Christian Clowning program, definitely do some searching on the internet as well!

Posted on 1/31/12
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