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Customer Questions about Clown Noses

Q: Are the 1 1/2 inch foam noses sold in individual bags?
A: Sorry, we do sell item K3201 (Red Foam Clown Noses) individually, but they are not each bagged separately.
Posted on 1/3/13

Q: Do I put my glue on my nose before I apply white face paint or apply the nose then do white paint around it?
A: You need to apply makeup all around where the nose will go, while leaving bare skin for the glue to adhere to. With practice, you'll be able to apply your makeup so it reaches just under the edge of the nose.
Posted on 10/18/12

Q: I would like to order these noses for a kids birthday party. Do you recommend them for kids?
A: Sure, anyone can wear Foam Clown Noses. They are inexpensive and perfect for kids' parties.
Posted on 9/21/12

Q: Do you have small noses for the tip of the nose?
A: We have nose tips by both ProKnows and Jim Howle.
Posted on 8/29/12

Q: Do your professional noses have a place to attach strings?
A: ProKnows makes a handy String Kit which can be used to replace strings or convert just about any nose to a string nose. You need a sharp tool to carefully punch two small holes in the nose, not too close to the edge, then follow the instructions included in the kit to attach the string.
Posted on 3/23/12

Q: I'm looking for a Jim Howle nose that is flesh colored with some red on the end. I am a Hobo Clown and the one I have is a BB. Is this still available and how much?
A: You are referring to Jim Howle Baba, or BB nose. We do carry the both the Baba 1, item K31561F and the Baba 2, item K31562F in flesh tone, and we also stock both sizes in gloss red.
Posted on 12/14/2011

Q: What is the best way to take a Jim Howle nose off. I will be applying adhesive to it.
A: The best way to remove glued-on clown noses is carefully! We recommend the technique of starting at one side of the nose and peeling it off. Any residual glue on your nose can be rubbed off or you can use a remover, depending on the specific adhesive you have used.
Posted on 1/31/12

Q: I found a Jim Howle nose at a convention that I loved, but it was too small for my nose. They told me to email ya'll about a lager size. I'm not sure how the sizing works, but the one they had was a 4A glitter red nose.
A: In Jim Howle's nose number system, the style of nose is a letter and the lower the number, the larger the size (so 1A is the biggest A style nose, 5A is the smallest). The next size up Jim Howle nose would be a 3A, which we do carry in gloss red. We do not stock many glitter noses by Jim, but we can certainly special order it for you.
Posted on 2/13/12
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