Adhesive & Remover

Adhesive & Remover
Adhesives and removers are two sides of the same coin when it comes to wearing clown noses. A good latex adhesive, prosthetic adhesive, spirit gum adhesive or silicone-based medical adhesive will help you keep your comical clown nose on for the duration of your act, while our adhesive removers will ensure that you can get the nose off when you're done. If latex bothers you, we also offer the traditional Spirit Gum adhesive or Mehron and Kryolan brand medical adhesives for sensitive skin. All of these adhesives dry fast and come off easily.
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Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive (1 oz)
$5.50 $4.40
Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive
Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive Remover
Jim Howle Nose Putty (22 gms)
Mehron Adhesives Dots
$4.00 $3.20
Mehron Admed Adhesive (0.5 oz)
$15.00 $13.50
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