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Customer Questions about Clown Props and Routines

Q: I am interested in the laugh bag. How big is it? Will it fit in the palm of my hand?
A: The widget from the Laugh Bag (item N11741) will fit in a hand but probably is too big to be fully concealed.
Posted on 12/26/12

Q: What size are the "free-B" letters? I teach a beginning beekeeping class and thought it would be fun to use the letter B as a give away.
A: The Free B letters (teim N50402) are approximately 2 inches tall.
Posted on 9/27/12

Q: Do the jumbo ribbon cutting scissors come in different colors?
A: No, the Jumbo Ribbon Cutting Scissors (N1272) come with the red handle, However it is a wooden handle that you may feel free to paint. We also have other plastic scissors in a variety of colors.
Posted on 8/20/12

Q: Do the Giant Scissors (item #N1271) open and close?
A: Yes, our Plastic Scissors do open and close, but I'm afraid they will not cut anything, they are purely a prop.
Posted on 6/5/12

Q: Does the deluxe spring raccoon look realistic?
A: It can look incredibly realistic when properly handled - practice with it regularly, in front of a mirror is best. You can also check out the Spring Animals book or the DVD Spring Animal Teach-In. Also check the internet for videos, there's a lot of knowledge out there.
Posted on 5/2/12

Q: How big are the Giant Tooth - Molar, Product ID : N50973? 2.5 feet or 2.5 inches?
A: The Giant Tooth Prop are 2.5 inches and we also carry them in a 6 inch size.
Posted on 1/10/12

Q: Do the Confetti Buckets come with confetti? How do they work - do you put the water in first?
A: The Confetti Buckets do not come with confetti, but you can buy it at any party supply store or make some during your spare time with paper and a hole punch.

Each Confetti Bucket has a ledge at the top where you have put the confetti. Then, when you make a motion like you're throwing the "water," your audience thinks they'll get wet but instead get showered with confetti. You can use it with or without water. To use without, you'll either have done a switch with a real bucket, or just imply that the bucket has water in it. To use with water, have the confetti pre-loaded on the shelf, and pour water into a hole on top. The design of the bucket traps the water below and when you throw it, only the confetti is flung. It's pretty easy to use, but like any magic or prop, it just needs a little practice!

Posted on 1/30/12
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