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Customer Questions about Twisting Balloons

Q: Are the 260's the most commonly used ballons for making animals? It's been several years since I've twisted and I cannot remember.
A: 260's Balloons are the most commonly used twisting balloons, also called 'Pencil Balloons.' The size of the balloons is something that is up to the balloon artist. 160's are 1 inch in diameter and can be used to make any balloon sculpture smaller and cuter, 260's are 2 inches in diameter and the 350's are 3 inches in diameter.
Posted on 10/17/2012

Q: Which kit is best for an 8 year old boy. The basic balloon kit or the Deluxe balloon kit?
A: Both are good kits. The Basic Balloon Kit is probably best for an eight year old.
Posted on 9/17/2012

Q: We are having a medieval night at our restaurant and we want to make balloon swords and hats. Which balloons do I need to buy?
A: The 260 Pencil Balloons will probably be best. They are the most popular twisting balloon.
Posted on 8/13/2012

Q: I would like to buy a video teaching how tie balloons. I have never done this before, so I will need a video for beginners. 
A: The Balloon Sculpture Made Easy DVDs are geared for children and are probably the easiest to follow. Dewey's Basic Balloon Animals is also popular, and we have a wide variety of other Balloon Twisting DVDs.
Posted on 7/18/2012

Q: Do you have a pump to work with 160 size balloons? 
A: The Spaghetti Blaster Pocket Pump (L1229) works very well with 160 balloons, and you can also use a standard Qualatex Hand Pump (L1225).
Posted on 6/12/2012

Q: Do you have any 11" balloons?
A: We do have the 11 inch round polka dot balloons (L11270). Other colors or assortments may be special ordered, please contact us for details.
Posted on 5/18/2012

Q: What is the difference between Traditonal, Entertainer and Carnival Pencil balloons?
A: These are all the same size balloons, 260 (2 inches in diameter, 60 inches long when fully inflated). The differences are the colors in the various assortments. Just click on each assortment to see the full list of colors for each product.
Posted on 4/15/2012

Q: Do they still sell 80" powdered balloons for making sculptures? I clowned many years ago and thought those were the length we used. I recall some balloons being harder to twist because they were thicker...
A: Tilly Balloons used to make a 280 Balloon (2 inch diameter, 80 inch length), but it is no longer in production. Most twisters today use 260 Balloons (2 inch diameter, 80 inch length), and some use the thinner 160s or wider 350s. All these sizes of Balloons are available in a variety of color assortments.
Posted on 3/20/2012

Q: Do you have a video or instruction on how the Balloon Tool works?
A: Yes there is a video of the Balloon Tool, you can find it by clicking on the product for details.
Posted on 2/4/2012

Q: Can you tell me how many pumps it takes to fully inflate a 260 with the dual baffle jumbo hand pump (L1224)?
A: The Dual Baffle Hand Pump will fill a 260 balloon in 2-3 pumps. Note that this pump has a lot of resistance, and is best used braced against a chair or table for those with less upper body strength. We also have Balloon Floor Pumps which will inflate a 260 in just about 1 stroke, leaving a small tail.
Posted on 11/19/2011

Q: Do you carry DVD's on how to twist balloons into animals?
A: Yes, we carry a wide range of DVDs on Balloon Twisting, and we also carry several Balloon Twisting Books. Have fun!
Posted on 11/11/2011

Q: Hey, would I be able to get 6" balloons for teal blue and spring lilac?
A: Hi. I'm sorry, but we don't carry single color packs of balloons. We have a rather large selection of Twisting Balloons if you would like to take a look.
Posted on 12/14/2011
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